The Alamo Draft House Cinema
It's a new . . . old concept—coming to a city near you.

Better than the outdoor drive-in theater—it's an all-in-one movie and dinner—without the mosquitoes. But that doesn't even begin to describe the total, state-of-the-art experience in store for you.

Tonight, my son and I had the time of our lives—just going to the show. We went to a brand new theater in the west end of Houston, The Alamo Draft House Cinema. In a newly remodeled theater in The West Oaks Mall, Travis Doss has created the ultimate grown-up date night event.

This concept, which started in Austin, has now spread to Houston. There are plans to expand to more locations in Houston this year—who knows, in the future, maybe to your town.

Dinner is so much more than theater cardboard chips and cheesewiz.

The Alamo Draft House Cinema offers a complete menu of dozens of choices, from appetizers and salads, to sandwiches, pizzas, and desserts.

PLUS . . . drum roll . . . a hugh selection of wines and beer! Yes, booze served at your own table!

Everything is reasonably priced and the service is fast.

Think of it—modern theater seating, your favorite person seated next to you, a first run movie, AND focaccia, eggplant parmesan, root beer float, and a bucket of ice cold Shiner Bock. I'm in heaven!

Lucky Texans. Check in and find current the features, show times, and to purchase tickets.

The Alamo Draft House Cinema

Another great day in the Diary of a Single Dad
by Chef Carlo J. Morelli

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