The "Oh No, Not Me" Male Complex!
NOT MUCH SEX IN THE CITY—or anywhere else for that matter—if you are a maturing male and experiencing some pretty common problems. For some men, being over 50, even if you are in great physical and mental health, can pose some really serious problems. You just may require the male equivalent of the 50,000 mile check-up.

The Problem

The "Oh no, not me" complex comes to mind! Contrary to popular belief, men do not always think about sex, and downright avoid it if it questions his own performance. Most men are, by nature, forbidden from thinking about sexual difficulties, and NEVER any suggestion of a diminished capacity.

To face what is the third rail of masculinity, is to confront nature's call . . . the dreaded " I " word. Speaking of I, as in me, I would rather wrestle an rabid alligator than to even think about Impotence. Or any variation of the squishy references to problems in the bedroom. But that doesn't change the facts . . . and, it may be time to play with fire.

The Awakening

Most middle-aged men have begun to experience something equivalent to erectile dysfunction (ED). It isn't so bad if you think about it as a wake-up call, rather than a the distant sound of the male death rattle. It is, in the worse case scenario, the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for his sexual needs or the needs of his partner.

To suggest, or even worse, to discover, that you may not be what you thought you were (and probably never were to begin with), is to admit you are reaching the end much quicker than you thought. Face it . . . or deny it. Most men find it much safer to deny it.

Most guys start to experience this natural, evolutionary phenomenon, at some point in their lives, usually beginning around the age of 40. However, most men do not acknowledge it until it bites him on the ass. If you refuse to face it, the results can be devastating, and the infamous slippery slope comes into play—self doubt, lower expectations, refusal to engage in sex, and the true destruction of most relationships. This leads to the total avoidance of intimacy for what is sadly and subconsciously perceived as self preservation.

Have I got your attention yet . . .

Sounds pretty bad doesn't it? Avoiding the problem can be. Truth be known, it is not just bad, but this could be fatal. A life without sex or intimacy is actually horrible for your health—physically and mentally. This problem does not have to be end of the world, and this scenario, as serious as it is, can in most cases be easily averted.

What in the heck is wrong with me . . .

Nothing is wrong with a man or woman who is going through changes in their lives—on any or all levels. We have all been taught to recognized the ramifications of female menopause, but how often have we confronted what is the equally as life altering as the male equivalence of menopause, clinically referred to as Andropause. Androgen Deficiency, is the loss or decreasing levels of androgens, or testosterone.

I do not intend to play doctor here (although I have played one on TV . . . ha), but a decrease in male hormones begins to create a physiological and chemical change in maturing males. This phenomenon, generally takes place between the ages of 40 and 55, although it can occur earlier or much later.

The most common symptoms of Androgen Deficiency, or, according to author Jed Diamond, in his book "Male Menopause," concluded that men experiencing this phase of life "need longer to recover from injuries and illness, less endurance for physical activity, weight gain, thinning hair, sleep disturbances, irritability, and reduced interest in sex."

Awareness, is the key to overcoming the natural injustices of life, and there are a milieu of other causes for many other the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, in the reverse order of causation;

The Top Ten Reasons

10 – Fear of rejection
9 – Physical limitations, such as those resulting from a stroke or handicap
8 – Chronic tobacco use
7 – Alcoholism or frequent drinking habit
6 – Prolonged drug addiction—cocaine, marijuana, hallucinogenics
5 – Illnesses requiring medication, such as high blood pressure, prostate, heart conditions, diabetes, etc.
4 – Stress
3 – Depression
2 – Physical condition (weakness, lack of exercise, weight gain)

And the #1 reason for hitting in a Sexual Slump . . . drum roll . . . DIET

Yes, diet ranks at the top of the list of reasons most men can not achieve their sexual potential! Many of the most treatable conditions listed above can be altered by changing your eating habits. Examples: weight gain makes exercising so difficult; atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries, is caused by deposits of fatty substances, high cholesterol levels, cellular waste products, calcium and other substances build up in the inner lining of an artery.

Just avoiding cooking with animal fats and switching to olive oil, can drastically raise your natural endorphins, which remove stress or pain, and change the condition of the blood flows to the extremities of your body, resulting in enhanced and prolonged erections . . .

Did you know, that there are foods, such as natural aphrodisiacs, that stimulate the normal body functions, that have been used throughout history, to create high sexual interest in both women and men? Ba da boom Any of this sound familiar?

The Silver lining . . .

WHAT? Are you nuts? How can there be any SILVER LINING? For most men, having discovered any of the symptoms as an early warning sign, can dissuade much of the long term destructive behaviors, and choices can be treated, corrected, and/or avoided, before they consume your life and relationships. Detected early, these common problems can be stopped in their tracts.

Now what . . .

Having been made aware of the rules and red flags in the game, now is the time to take the ball and run with it. Lets get a handle on the problems and take the first step in solving them. Now with our help lets start to tackle, and remove the simplest roadblocks.

Cooking now takes on a whole new world of fun—and aside from holding your family and sex life together, it tastes good, too!

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