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Cleopatra's Secret
Will a Little Honey . . . Make Her Sweet on You reprinted in
Thank You Bob Hope . . . for all of our memories. Especially mine.

Will a Little Honey . . .
Make Her Sweet on You?
Simply stated, honey is a natural and pure LOVE food. Everything about it is an aphrodisiac — from the thick, spreadable, golden appearance, to its aromatic sweet scent, and its soft, smooth, soothing taste. Even its creation is a romantic episode, culled by dainty honeybees from the nectar of beautiful flowers, and carried back to the honey cone to be danced upon with those teensy little toes.

Even the word honeymoon is derived from an ancient custom — the first lunar month after marriage, a newly married couple would drink Mead (a honey wine). Some cultures spread a little honey on the palms of the bride and groom and have them lick it off each other to ensure a sweet life together (and in hopes of encouraging the conception of a male child . . . Yo!).


Cleopatra's Secret
Just for you my friends . . . something to try at home . . . Everyone has heard about Victoria's Secret, but have you heard about this bad girl???

Just be careful, this could be BIG!

Cleopatra's Secret Incense Recipe

"It is said in a book of magic that Cleopatra saturated her body and her clothes in the fumes of incense so that her feminine wiles would be greatly increased and she could make slaves of men. Her incense was composed of

8 oz. Winter's Bark
12 oz. Sandalwood
4 oz. Orris root
4 oz. Patchouli
4 oz. Myrrh
4 oz. Frankincense
4 oz. Wood base and
2 oz. of Saltpeter to make the incense sparkle when burned . . . ha! . . . Sparkles . . . smirk

If you have any trouble finding some of these ingredients, just email me.. :o)

Thank You, BOB HOPE
For All of Our Memories - Especially Mine
Bob Hope, I will never forget you, because you touched my life at times that turned out to be some of my most important memories I have.

As a young boy while growing up in Chicago's Little Italy, we had a city wide art contest, that offered the finalists a chance to be awarded our prizes on stage at the downtown Chicago Theater. It wasn't an everyday opportunity, to get a chance to go to the grand old palace, where you not only got to watch the biggest movies of the day, but also some of the greatest entertainers perform their crafts, live. That day I won my scholarship and changed my life. I was awarded my ribbon during the intermission of, you guessed it, The BOB HOPE SHOW, and his ALL STAR cast.


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