Chef Carlo J. Morelli

Dad ~ Chef ~ Author ~ Actor ~ Speaker

As the father of five and grandfather of five more, Carlo knows how important it is to raise a family and places that task above all else, including helping budding young chefs navigate their way around the kitchen. The Chef has earned respect and a sterling reputation in every aspect of the food industry.

Carlo Morelli is an accomplished Dad, Chef, Author, Restaurateur, Designer, Actor, and Speaker.

Carlo’s career started at a very tender age. At 11 years old, after winning a citywide art festival, Carlo won an art scholarship. At 16, Carlo became the youngest artist on staff in the headquarters of Sears Roebuck and Company.

At the age of 23, he held a much acclaimed International Debut of Fashion and quickly launched The House of Carlo fashions. Carlo soon was recognized as an accomplished Couturier and Costume Designer. His fashion career led him to Hollywood where he was a wardrobe and costume designer on productions such as The Dean Martin Show, The Perry Como Show, Red Skeleton, Bonanza, and Hogan’s Heroes, and feature films, The Son’s of Katie Elder, War Lord, and Harlow!

Later he landed a great job designing uniforms for the Century Plaza Hotel in Beverly Hills, sparking his interest in the hospitality industry. As Director of Food and Beverage, he opened luxurious hotels in cities from coast to coast.

In the early 1970s, Carlo was appointed The Chief of Protocol for The State of Texas. He insured that every major state function came off with flare and panache. He was responsible the for the United States Southern Governor’s Conference, the first ever held in The State of Texas.

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire! Over the years, Carlo has owned or managed over 56 restaurants and hotels, many of them having multiple locations. In 1974, he bought Houston’s Le Pavillon, an offshoot of New York’s acclaimed restaurant, and quickly turned it into the area’s first Four Star French restaurant. Carlo has owned or operated Élan, the award-winning chain of 14 private clubs with nationwide locations; the Cowboy Club, the Rice Rittenhouse Hotel, and the Cadillac Bar.

At age 38, he retired and soon tackled his most important challenge of all, as a stay-at-home dad with his young sons. As a popular homeroom dad, he has shown children how to make funny faces on pizzas and taught students how to make muffins. “I’ve never had so much fun as cooking with kids,” says Carlo.

Carlo is in constant demand for cooking demonstrations, motivational speeches, radio and TV appearances. Schools, charity organizations, and cruise lines, call on him when they want an extra special draw for their events. His appearance as the Featured Chef on a recent Royal Olympic Cruise, for example, enticed hundreds of people away from a ship’s-worth of other fun activities.

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